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September 4th, 2008

[Film-By-Film] Exit

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OOC: The mun recently received the awesome gift of the James Bond Ultimate Collector's Edition box set-- all 21 official Bond films to date. We're working our way through them, one by one. I had the idea to illustrate one scene or moment in each film through Bond's eyes, using whatever prompt I find that serve. I'll try to do one as we complete each new film, starting from the first.

Film: Dr. No, 1962
Prompt: Exit

The four or five thousand volts of electricity I'd taken from the vent grille should have been my first clue that the immediate future held very little in the way of comfort for me. But a little discomfort, even a little pain, was a pittance of a price to pay if the reward was going to be a swift and painful end for one Dr. Julius No, especially if it was at my hands. Pain would be what I got, and in spades.

A long way to go )
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