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The World Is Not Enough

Bond, James Bond


February 24th, 2009

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Let's go with the LJ/UTR version.

01.) Full name? James Andrew Bond
02.) Best friend? He'd only name a man as a "best friend", but he is friends with Shannon, which is novel.
03.) Sexuality? Straight. So very straight.
04.) Favorite color? Navy blue.
05.) Relationship status? In relationship with Agent Shannon Weiss, though considering it's James Bond, you know he's a little weird about it.
06.) Ideal mate? Someone who can put up with his obsessive-compulsiveness, demand for detail, mood swings and such?
07.) Turn-ons? Anything that gets his adrenaline up and heart racing.
08.) Last sexual experience? Last night, either for fun or work or both.
09.) Favorite food? One egg, cooked precisely three minutes, served with white toast points, butter and Little Tiptree marmalade.
10.) Crushes? His great love was Tracy, he's definitely in someting with Shannon. All the other women, he loved at least a little, for a little while.
11.) Favorite music? Traditional jazz.
12.) Biggest fear? Being useless.
13.) Biggest fantasy? He doesn't have any. His life is bigger than reality anyway.
14.) Quirks in bed? He's adventurous, but not really kinky. And he sleeps with a gun under his pillow.
15.) Bad habits? Um... smoking, drinking, driving too fast, sleeping around, shooting people, jumping out of moving vehicles and various combinations of those?
16.) Biggest regret? Marrying Tracy Di Vincenzo. He feels that because he did, he made her Blofeld's target.
17.) Best kept secrets? Whatever secrets Her Majesty entrusts him with.
18.) Last thought? "How damn much longer until my next assignment?"
19.) Worst sexual experience? Oh, for sure-- May Day. *shudder*
20.) Biggest insecurity? That he's going to somehow survive his lifestyle and die an old, sick and helpless man.
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